Share Books on iPad: Create Digital Connection with Family Member

Share books on iPad if you want family members or friends to enjoy good reads that are stored in your device. Set up family sharing in your devices to make it easier to share books among family members. Family sharing allows up to six family members to share each other’s iTunes, Apps store purchases and iBooks without the need to share accounts. That makes it more convenient.

You can choose what to share and each may have its own stored music, movies, TV shows, apps, books, etc., that are entirely different from each other.

Here’s how the feature works:

a. Set up Family Sharing Group. On your iOS device settings, go to iCloud, tap Set Up Family Sharing, then invite family members to join. Family Sharing features are automatically installed on members’ devices. Let each other have their own Apple IDs or usernames, and now you have the option to share favorite eBooks in other members’ devices.

b. Shared payment on purchases. The organizer, usually the parent or any adult in the family, can add a maximum of five members to the group, and each should agree to pay for any App store purchases they want to have while being a member of the group. A member has to pay for his/her purchases of iBooks, iTunes or any product from the App store.

c. Sharing applies in all purchases made by any member of the group once Family Sharing is set up. Each other’s collection is accessible to all including new purchases. If they want to share, a member just have to view Purchased tab and there you have iBooks, iTunes or app store of each member. You can browse a family member’s purchases, download it or open books you want to read. In the same manner that other members can access your purchases too. However, there is the option to hide individual items if you have confidential or private purchases and you want to keep it for yourself.

d. You got an organized family in a digital environment. Not only made to share books on iPad, this feature also make schedule organizing easier. You can have a family calendar, to avoid conflict in schedules and each other gets an alert notice if changes have been made on the calendar. All members know what to look forward to, be it a vacation, a picnic in the park, etc., and they get notified once a new schedule is entered. Â

e. Know each other’s location. This feature made it possible for family members to share locations automatically. This strengthens security measures to keep kids safe. For adults, they have the option to turn off Share My Location in their settings if they want their location to remain confidential.

f. Keeps devices secured. Family Sharing features help find lost or misplaced devices of members. It won’t be difficult to track stolen iPad, Mac or iPhone using Find My iPhone in which their devices are on the same list.

Family sharing is more than just sharing books on iPad, it makes life greater.