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Share Books on iPad: Create Digital Connection with Family Member

Share books on iPad if you want family members or friends to enjoy good reads that are stored in your device. Set up family sharing in your devices to make it easier to share books among family members. Family sharing allows up to six family members to share each other’s iTunes, Apps store purchases and iBooks without the need to share accounts. That makes it more convenient.

You can choose what to share and each may have its own stored music, movies, TV shows, apps, books, etc., that are entirely different from each other.

Here’s how the feature works:

a. Set up Family Sharing Group. On your iOS device settings, go to iCloud, tap Set Up Family Sharing, then invite family members to join. Family Sharing features are automatically installed on members’ devices. Let each other have their own Apple IDs or usernames, and now you have the option to share favorite eBooks in other members’ devices.

b. Shared payment on purchases. The organizer, usually the parent or any adult in the family, can add a maximum of five members to the group, and each should agree to pay for any App store purchases they want to have while being a member of the group. A member has to pay for his/her purchases of iBooks, iTunes or any product from the App store.

c. Sharing applies in all purchases made by any member of the group once Family Sharing is set up. Each other’s collection is accessible to all including new purchases. If they want to share, a member just have to view Purchased tab and there you have iBooks, iTunes or app store of each member. You can browse a family member’s purchases, download it or open books you want to read. In the same manner that other members can access your purchases too. However, there is the option to hide individual items if you have confidential or private purchases and you want to keep it for yourself.

d. You got an organized family in a digital environment. Not only made to share books on iPad, this feature also make schedule organizing easier. You can have a family calendar, to avoid conflict in schedules and each other gets an alert notice if changes have been made on the calendar. All members know what to look forward to, be it a vacation, a picnic in the park, etc., and they get notified once a new schedule is entered. Â

e. Know each other’s location. This feature made it possible for family members to share locations automatically. This strengthens security measures to keep kids safe. For adults, they have the option to turn off Share My Location in their settings if they want their location to remain confidential.

f. Keeps devices secured. Family Sharing features help find lost or misplaced devices of members. It won’t be difficult to track stolen iPad, Mac or iPhone using Find My iPhone in which their devices are on the same list.

Family sharing is more than just sharing books on iPad, it makes life greater.

Carry a Library in Your Pocket, Buy Books for Your Kindle

Isn’t it great to carry a library in your pocket? Do so, and buy books for your Kindle app. Fill your space with eBooks of your choice. There is a wide selection of books that you can choose from.

Shop from an estimated 4,000,000 books online, have it downloaded and read it on your devices using Kindle app anytime you want, even if you don’t have internet connection. Saved eBooks are available offline.

a. Make reading a handy tool for relaxation or for looking up certain information. Not just for yourself but for others too. You can share books for the members of your family as well. Aside from books, you can add magazines and newspapers for recent updates and current news.

b. Customize your Kindle app to suit your passions and reading style. Change the font type and size, line spacing, margins and even background color. It has a smart look-up feature that makes searches for key ideas, important points and images easier to locate. It is equipped with the best tools for reading. In fact it has an accessibility feature for visually impaired individuals to go over and browse Kindle libraries.

c. Buy books for your Kindle with Unlimited eBook subscription. You can avail unlimited access to over a million titles and audiobooks under this subscription plan.

d. Sort and organize your books for easy retrieval with Kindle’s Collection.

e. Personal Documents service is available with Amazon, hence, it is really an experience when you buy books for your Kindle. They provide assistance for file transfers. What more can you ask?

Convenience is the most rewarding experience one can have with Kindle app. Just imagine the bulk of information and data stored in your device which could really fill an actual library, yet you have it at the palm of your hands for easy access. When you buy books for your Kindle, it is really an excellent move considering that it readily provides references, in an organized fashion, not to mention other freebies that go with the app.

Amazon also allow clients to return eBook purchases if there are errors or quality issues. Their return policy stipulates that clients can return the Kindle book and request for a refund within a specified period of 7 days from the date of purchase. Returns could be due to a number of reasons, such as an accidental purchase or somebody used your Amazon account to make a purchase. You can get refunds for eBook, except for downloadable games, Android apps or software. Unless there is a prior agreement and noted, refunds are also not allowed for downloads from Amazon Digital Music and Amazon video store.

Exchange is also allowed on books bought as a gift. The receiver can have it changed into a gift card at Amazon as long as it is not redeemed yet. Just follow the procedure on how to process it and there is no time limit as to when you can have it converted into a gift card.

Find Free eBooks at a membership subscription of $99 only

The easiest way to get references handy and cost-efficient is to find eBooks for free. Browse sites for a number of topics you want to read and avail some quality reading materials for free! Public sites and public eBook libraries are available, but experience more freebies and a wider range of choices with Amazon Prime Membership for only $99 a year.

Find free eBooks with ease and take a look at what you can possibly enjoy with Amazon Prime Membership:

a. Volumes of eBooks up for grabs! With the latest Amazon Prime you get access to more than 1,000 eBooks for free and you can have it downloaded to your devices. It offers a wide array of choices of interesting topics that are really great. Anything you are passionate about to read, you can get it here.

b. Magazines are available too. You can read on Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan and many more. Know the latest development, and be informed of trending issues from day to day news updates.

c. Download copies of top sellers ranging from historical fiction, paranormal writings to adventures and documentaries to your Android, Kindle app on iOS or in a Kindle device.

d. High quality books and lots of good reads available. Every month new titles appear. Certainly you’ll have your favorite among the choices.

e. J.K Rowling’s The Hobbit, The Man In the High Castle, The Millionaire Next Door, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, etc., are also available

f. No need to pay for monthly subscription, download eBooks that caught your interest to your device and you can even read it offline, anytime for leisure reading. You can have more in annual subscriptions, costs less and allows greater access to browse and find free eBooks online.

At a discounted annual subscription, much lower compared to other sites who don’t offer unlimited access to browse eBooks on various subjects, here you can have a wider range of books, magazines, and everything you can ever imagine to access online.

eBooks page
eBook Collections

You can also find free eBooks on public sites and public libraries. Large eBook stores offers a wide range of reading materials suited to your lifestyle. Keep up with the latest in technology and upgrade apps on your smartphones for a much easier online transaction, browsing and downloading of reading materials of your choice.

You can have it stored, saved and retrieve anytime you feel like reading. Every month a number of new eBooks are again posted, hence, boredom is not a problem anymore. For news and stories you get weekly issues, essays of your favorite writers, celebrity and entertainment news, sports updates, and a lot more in store for you. Academic research is made easier with this feature. Discard irrelevant ones and download valuable files for your needs.

Check rates and services offered to get more than your money’s worth in purchasing eBooks. Experience how this feature boost eBook store business as it provides excellent service and easy access to thousands of clients across the globe.

Market an eBook: Excellent Tips to Promote Online

Writing a book is already an effort, how much more if you will launch a step to market an eBook in an online market flooded with highly competitive rivals in eBook sales.

In what way can you make a space for your own in an already congested information superhighway?

Get help with eBooks from your library
Computer engineer makes millions selling e-books

Remember, much is at stake in the marketing process. That would determine the results of all your efforts and resources. Focus on promoting it first to your inner circles and gradually spread to a larger audience. Creativity is important. Reaching out to people is easy but holding their attention is another matter. So make it great, from the initial steps to the end.

Try this efficient measures which could hopefully bring your eBook at the forefront. It is just like paving the way for customers to land on your eBook or to spark their interest on the subject of your work.

a. Create your own website, and post blogs related to your soon to be out eBook. You can post the front cover, make it striking that audience would be so eager to look into its contents.

b. Acquire marketing skills. For first-time writers of eBook, take a leap and overcome your fears. Determination and marketing skills will surely bring you success.

c. Reader engagement. This is the most crucial step. Make your topic the latest issue or try to create a link that would connect people to your subject matter. Think of a target readers that would find your work relevant to their concerns. Â Also allow readers’ comments and reactions as well as activate sharing buttons to spread the topic. Many readers are browsing the net just for fun or to pass away time. They may happen to land on your page.

d. Intensify connections and linkages using social media and email. Here you will realize that email addresses matter. Try to keep a record of all emails of your friends, acquaintances and offices. You can spread the word through these contacts and get their insights. This is a way of getting their support in your upcoming eBook, and of course they will be interested and actually wait to get a copy. Post on Facebook and twitter to get their attention and actually encourage them to consider it. These are just the initial steps but could be really helpful the moment you launch your eBook.

e. Set the date. Inform all your connections, advertise and post on social media the launching date of your eBook. Prior to the schedule, you can try a teaser and hold a raffle among those who have shown interest, and give away free copies to chosen ones.

f. Partnership. Work with a salesperson to make deals with publisher and distributors. Initiate moves to attract more buyers and increase sales.

g. Gather feedbacks, suggestions and hire somebody to make an eBook review on your project. There is always a next time. You can do better on your next eBook if you try to review even the most minor errors that you have overlooked in the first one.

Surefire Tips on How to Write Your First eBook

Write your first eBook and take the most crucial step in shaping a rewarding career for yourself. Your influence on your readers goes far beyond the last page of your eBook. It could be the turning point in your life and will eventually direct your path to successful endeavors ahead.

Take insights from these surefire tips on how to write your first eBook and surely nothing will go wrong:

Planning Stage

a. Set a goal and equip yourself. Knowledge and skills are the primary requirements to launch a career in writing. Know what you want to achieve and how to do it. Set a goal based on your capacity and set reasonable targets. Expect the possibility of additional income from it but don’t focus on the monetary aspect. Compensation follows after a good job.

b. Think of a topic for your eBook. Not just a topic that interests you, but something that others may find relevant too.
Remember, you must have a target audience and later target buyers. You must be familiar with it and have adequate knowledge even before you started research works.

c. Think of a Title. It must be catchy and should encapsulate all ideas contained in your eBook. You can think and consider several titles, consult your target readers or your advisers. Titles are extremely important because your eBook will be carrying that name. So give it due attention.

d. Finalize the outline. Organize the flow of ideas and the possible contents of your eBook. Define the subtitles, chapters, down to the contents of each section. The outline must give you a clear picture of what the finished product should be and it also determines the direction of your ideas from beginning to end. Set boundaries, know the highlights and identify what to exclude.

Writing Stage

e. Start your research but set a strict period within which you have to finish gathering data. Find a space to write, free from distractions, log-out of the social media, your emails and other communication channels. Writing requires 100% concentration and zero distractions. Stay focused, let your ideas flow. Finish your first draft.

f. Tap the services of an editor or do it yourself. Polish your work, check for errors, and be ready with the final copy.


a. Plan for cover designs. It must carry the image of your eBook. Design it in such a way that audience will take a second look. It must be interesting.

b. Once finalized, have your eBook formatted in multiple file types if possible. This would allow easy access to the readers.

c. Market your eBook. Remember those target clients you have in mind before you start writing on your eBook? Inform them that it would be available soon, advertise and send personal emails to everyone in your directory, including those accessible in the social media.

d. Tap somebody to do a book review on your project. Look into comments, suggestions and reactions. You will need those to improve your quality on the second eBook.